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Update: Public Advocate Assist Rejected! Jimmy Kimmel Strokes Joe Biden - Liberal Swag Wagon' Segment Gets Support

UPDATED June 9 2022 12noon: Jimmy Kimmel Live did not use Public Advocate's proposed Liberal Swag Wagon segment .

Thank you to all media outlets for helping us get to the Jimmy Kimmel show for consideration. We will continue to roll out the Liberal Swag Wagon and will post a new updated report soon on other venues that welcome the Liberal Swag Wagon," said Eugene Delgaudio President of Public Advocate.

Public Advocate's comic Felix Moon presents Liberal Swag Wagon for proposed guest segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live show.


Public Advocate
June 7, 2022

WASHINGTON, June 7, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ -- Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio states:

"In an attempt to save President Joe Biden from the consequences of terrible failures and calamity to the American people, the liberal comic Jimmy Kimmel will host the president Wednesday night.

"Our response is to pitch Jimmy Kimmel with a proposed guest segment to warm up his audience, titled 'Legit Liberal Swag Wagon' featuring our new line of Biden Swag in the style of late night comic skits. "

Public Advocate has a video, photos, and the actual products available for immediate delivery.

Photo Posting of Items from Liberal Swag Wagon here
and 73 photos here

Video Posting Introducing Items From Liberal Swag Wagon HERE

Delgaudio said:

"In our segment we detail the many items available and it is hosted by our own Felix Moon, and here (below) is the complete list of Biden era products for sale on 'Legit Liberal Swag Wagon:'"

  • AOC Pinata $25
  • Joe Biden's Child Protection Agency Button $3
  • Joe Biden's Adult diapers $10 (he doesn't think baby formula is important, but really needs these)
  • Hon. Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House Garbage Pails "government property" $10
  • Inflatable Monkeypox Monkey "Approved by the CDC" $10 (comes with free woke poke pen)
  • Hunter Biden's Bubble CrackPipes $15 (Free with Medicare)
  • Hunter Biden's Authentic Blow straws $1000
  • Kamala Word Salad Bowl $5
  • Jen Psaki, Circle-Back-to-You Hula Hoops $10
  • AOC Airhead Beachball $5
  • Kamala Harris Laughing Buttons $15
  • Paul Pelosi Kazoo Breathalyzer $5
  • Nancy Pelosi Sobriety Checkpoint Vest $10
  • Biden Naval Academy Hat (he claims to have been nominated to the Naval Academy) $10
  • Nina's Jankowicz Tamborine $5
  • Adam Shiff's Eye Glasses $5
  • Nancy Pelosi Signature Pen $1 million!

(Prices are suggested donations, or hyperbolic description)

Delgaudio states,

"In these hard times, Public Advocate will cut the total price substantially and ship one item of everything offered in the Wagon for one small donation of 50 dollars, minus the Nancy Pelosi Signature Pens."

SOURCE Public Advocate

CONTACT: Eugene Delgaudio, 703-845-1808, [email protected]

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