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Next President Must Fix the WOKE U.S. Military

KURT SCHLICHTER says on Townhall (in part:)

"Fixing (The US Military) it is a key test of the next Republican president's ability to overhaul the entire federal bureaucracy."

".................. Donald Trump was initially impressed by flag officers and their shiny badges and bright ribbons. They all screwed him over. The proper attitude toward flag officers is that they are fungible, that they are tools for the execution of the president's intent, and that if they are not executing his intent, they must be immediately discarded in such a manner as to demonstrate that a failure to adhere to the CINC's intent will not be tolerated. Ancient Carthage used to crucify failed generals. This was tough but fair. The president need only publicly relieve our modern generals for incompetence.

Inauguration Day is Pink Slip Day - every joint chief is relieved. Gone. Dismissed. Doin' the duffel bag drag. And the president must explain why he is firing them. Messaging this process to the American people is key. He will have promised to clean up the military during his campaign and he must explain that he is keeping that promise:

"Today, I fired all of the joint chiefs for failing to perform adequately. Their replacements have already been identified and will assume their positions as acting chairmen pending confirmation by the Senate. I told you I would fix our military, and bringing in new blood is the first step to doing that."

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