Defending the family

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Letter to U.S. Senators Supporting the Family Marriage Amendment and Opposing Thought Control

The following letter will be delivered to members of the United States Senate along with the first instalment of approximately 250,000 petitions supporting the Family Marriage Amendment and opposing Ted Kennedy's Thought Control (or so-called "Hate Crimes") Bill on June 23, 2004.

June 23, 2004

Dear Senator,

The thousands of pro-family Americans that make
up Public Advocate of the United States were angered
and ashamed of the Senate's approval of the Ted
Kennedy's Thought Control Bill (or so-called "Hate
Crimes Act,") passed as an amendment to the defense
appropriations bill. It will prove to be a
double-edged sword for law abiding citizens.

Yet, ensuring the defeat of the Thought Control
Amendment is simply not enough to defend the American
family. We must be proactive and fight for the
passage of the Family Marriage Amendment which will
permanently define marriage as a union between and man
and one woman. Enclosed with this letter you will
find thousands of petitions signed by your
constituents urging you to stand up against thought
control and for the FMA.

This amendment will only make it easier for the
government to punish words and thoughts instead of
actions and is a victory for those who wish to force
more political correctness on Americans. Furthermore,
this amendment will lead to more lenient punishment
for many violent offenses, as it will put them under
the scope of the federal government instead of being
under state jurisdiction, where penalties for these
crimes are often more severe. It is no wonder so many
liberal champions of forced political correctness and
pro-criminal activists alike have championed this

It is essential this anti-family/pro-violent
criminal language be stripped from the defense
reauthorization bill in the conference committee. It
is equally important to pass the Family Marriage
Amendment, especially when bureaucrats and renegade
judges have been so aggressive in legislating the will
of the radical homosexual lobby from the bench or
through their bureaucracy, despite the will of the
American people. Their undemocratic actions have made
this amendment an urgent requirement for the American
family. Please have the courage to stand up for your
constituents and against the radical homosexual lobby.

President, Public Advocate of the United States