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Rep. Hostettler Introduces Bill to Stop ACLU Money Grab Against Taxpayers

Washington, DC -- Public Advocate is applauding the efforts of Rep. Hostettler and the nineteen other co-sponsors of a bill that would finally put a stop to the current practice that allows the ACLU to fund its radical agenda by collecting money hand over fist from local and State governments who they sue for public displays of religion, such as the Ten Commandments.

The bill would still allow the ACLU to file legal complaints against jurisdictions that they believed we violating the law, but it would only allow the courts to make decisions on the legality of displays. However, the group would no longer be able to collect large sums of money in attorney fees and monetary damages.

"This bill is one of the most brilliant pieces of legislation introduced in a long time," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "It would strip the current bounty on Christianity that the law currently allows and would take away one of the ACLU's largest cash cows. Now if the ACLU wants to survive, it would have to do so by raising money from people who actually support their radical anti-Christian and politically correct agenda, rather than from the taxpayers of God fearing jurisdictions who acknowledge our Christian based heritage as the foundation of our freedom, liberty and independence."

The Bill, H.R. 2679, the Public Expression of Religion Act of 2005 , is currently in the House Judiciary Committee. Pro-family Americans are encouraged to contact their member of congress and urge them to support this vital legislation.

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