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Video: President Cries Tears Hearing News Of Protect Our Children Act

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, responded to the news of the introduction of the Protect Children's Innocence Act on several video and social media platforms including Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Delgaudio said:

I am crying tears of happiness that someone in Congress is taking the lead now to put a stop to the genital mutilation and sex changes going on without restraint in our beloved country sometimes without parent's permission.

As you know Public Advocate has pushed the Classroom Protection Act for a decade and ignited the uprising by parents in America by being the first to call the mandatory sex changes of children in some schools as clear child abuse that must be stopped.

Texas and other states quickly responded by agreeing with Public Advocate and declaring these sex changes to be CHILD ABUSE.

Then Public Advocate collected and presented 120,000 petitions to protect our Children's Innocence to Congress starting with an online public ceremony celebrating Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene's leadership on this issue.

We called Greene a national public advocate for leading the fight 100s of times to call attention to transgender abuse.

Thank you Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene for introducing a bill to prohibit so called "gender affirming care on minors".

The medical industry and leftist extremists in government under the Biden Administration are using the false term "affirming care" to cover up mass butchering and genital mutilations of thousands of victims, some as early as five years old and without parental permission.

HIGHLIGHTS in the bill&The bill prohibits gender affirming care on minors and is titled the Protect Children's Innocence Act.

it states "Whoever knowingly performs any gender affirming care on a minor is guilty of a class C felony."

THE BILL DESCRIBES IN DETAIL WITHOUT DOUBT THE HORRIBLE SURGICAL ACTIONS IN PROGRESS NOW ON INNOCENT CHILDREN, many who now regret the irreversable butchery so- called "medical" counselors perform.

There are 19 pages to the bill and I have posted the link to the bill on our Public Advocate website and social media pages.

Please ask members of Congress to immediately cosponsor the Protect Children's Innocence Act now.


Thank you