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Medical Associations Ask Biden's DOJ to Investigate Individuals Against Transgender Surgeries for Children

"There are thousands of American writers, policy makers, members of Congress, parents writing in support of legislation to outlaw the butchery of genital mutilation and so-called sex change surgeries being performed on children. The morality of these assaults on children without parent's knowledge is also being questioned. Now that medical associations want us all charged with federal crimes, maybe its time to start jailing medical assocations for conspiracy to harm children," says Eugene Delgaudio
President of Public Advocate.

Breitbart Reports:

Three of the nation's leading medical associations asked President Joe Biden's Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate and prosecute journalists and parents who are concerned with hospitals and physicians who provide transgender surgeries to minors.

The American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association, and Children's Hospital Association sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland urging him to "take swift action to investigate and prosecute" those who allegedly threaten or target hospitals and physicians who provide transgender surgery to minors.

"We cannot stand by as threats of violence against our members and their patients proliferate with little consequence," American Academy of Pediatrics president Moira Szilagyi said. "We call on the Department of Justice to investigate these attacks and social media platforms to reduce the spread of the misinformation enabling them."

The letter noted that children's hospitals and their staff have faced "increased threats via social media," along with "harassing emails, phone calls, and protestors at health care sites."...............

........................Investigative reporter Christopher Rufo noted that the medical associations' letter is part of the "Left's playbook," and cited last year's example of the National School Boards Association's letter to the DOJ asking them to investigate parents who were opposed to critical race theory.

"This is now the Left's playbook: last year, the National School Board Association, Department of Justice, and F.B.I. worked together to label parents who opposed critical race theory' domestic terrorists,'" Rufo tweeted. "They want to stifle dissent, suppress speech, and criminalize opposition."

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