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Your Movie Didn't Bomb Because You're Gay, It's Because You're a Jerk

Townhall posts:

"You're a homophobe, now buy my product" is not the best sales pitch in the world, but when you've got nothing else you go with it because when you're as dumb as a hammer, everything is a nail. That's a confusing and convoluted opening sentence, but I wrote it on purpose to illustrate a point - leftists hate you AND desperately want your money and can't come to terms with that. Return the first and deny the second, leaving them to continue to wrestle with the third.

Americans are pretty good at not giving money to people who hold them in contempt, though we're less good at denying our money to people who look at us like we're helpless dummies incapable of taking care of ourselves. In fairness to us, we'd pretty much have to listen to zero music or watch nothing on television but old Gunsmoke reruns if we did.

Of course, I do wish people would recognize not only that someone like Bruce Springsteen thinks you're too stupid to know what's in your own self-interest, but also that his music really sucks.

Still, there are times when the public does see that the "artists" attempting to sell them their products hold them in absolute contempt and shun their product. The movie "Bros" is one such case.

Billed as "the first gay rom-com," the marketing of Bros expected that to be enough to draw an audience. It didn't work out. It bombed, bringing in a laughable $4.8 million its opening weekend. That it bombed was the funniest thing about the movie, as far as I'm concerned. " from Townhall.

Photo is from Unsplash at this link.