Defending the family

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Las Vegas parents SUE school district for $50,000 after making daughter, 15, read out X-rated assignment


Two Las Vegas parents have sued their daughter's school district after the 15-year-old was made to memorize and read out a sexually-explicit monologue in front of her theater class.

Parents Candra and Terrell Evans filed the $50,000 lawsuit against the Clark County School District and its superintendent, Dr. Jesus Jara, alleging they engaged in 'unlawful grooming and abuse of a minor' over the assignment which they characterized as 'pornographic material.'

They say their unnamed daughter, a student at the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, was made to perform the monologue written by a fellow student - in which a narrator came out as lesbian and talked about not liking 'd**ks.'

The passage was so lewd that Ms. Evans' microphone was cut off as she read it aloud during a school district board meeting last spring, and she was admonished for violating the board's decorum rules.