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Teen Girl Breaks Down While Describing Naked Tranny in YMCA Locker Room While She Showered

Liberty Daily reports:

There was a time in American when a man walking around naked in a girl's locker room at the YMCA, flashing his penis to teens and pre-teens would be lucky to get arrested because otherwise he'd likely get beaten to a pulp by fathers doing what fathers SHOULD do in such a situation. But in America in 2023, a man pretending to be a woman has more protections and better rights than the young girls he scars for the sake of inclusivity.

To be more accurate, in Democrat hellholes like Commiefornia, such things are part of everyday life. Thankfully, there are still some states that protect girls. One teen in San Diego County had a terrifying experience with a man in her locker room. After being made to feel like she was in the wrong by the YMCA, she took her story to the local city council which was equally unimpressed.


A California teen cried as she recalled seeing "a naked man" in her local YMCA, telling the city council in her San Diego suburb she'd been traumatized by the experience with the person she described as a trans woman.

Rebecca Philips, 17, said she was changing after swimming one day last month at the Santee YMCA when she spotted a naked trans woman in the changing rooms.

"As I was showering after my workout I saw a naked male in the women's locker room,' she told the Santee City Council. "I immediately went back into the shower, terrified, and hid behind their flimsy excuse for a curtain until he was gone."

Photo Credit Rebecca Phillips Youtube