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The End Of Goofy Pete Buttigieg Has Arrived

The End Of Pete Buttigieg Has Arrived

1945 reports:

Republicans are on the warpath against embattled Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg. Drumbeats are sounding for his resignation and he is being pilloried by conservatives on social media.

It is not just the GOP, some Democrats have pointed out his failures too. The latest controversy is a train wreck in East Palestine, Ohio that released toxic chemicals earlier this month.

The Norfolk Southern derailment has residents and politicians in that town faulting Pete Buttigieg and the Biden administration for abandoning them in a critical time of need.

Buttigieg finally visited East Palestine February 23, while former President Donald Trump was in the town the day before. People living in the area were susceptible to the leak of cancer-causing vinyl chloride. Plus, streams have been polluted resulting in fish kills....

But this is seen as too little too late by Republicans, who have hounded Pete Buttigieg even before the hazardous materials accident. Senator Marco Rubio has requested the cabinet secretary to resign amid the cancellation of over 9,000 flights by Southwestern Airlines in December. Rubio believes he was correct to call attention to Buttigieg's "gross level of incompetence and apathy" and that the transportation secretary was missing in action in East Palestine for too long. Republican Senator Rick Scott charged Buttigieg with similar accusations.

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