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Great News: Creepy Groomer Disney Loses 2.4 Million Subscribers, Fires 7,000

Fox News Reports:

February has been a cruel month for Disney as the giant corporation slashed 7,000 employees in mass layoffs and announced a 2.4-million subscriber loss to streaming service Disney+. All of this came as the network endured yet another woke controversy as a kids cartoon show on the streaming service lectured children about "white fragility" and denounced Abraham Lincoln.

But these latest problems for Disney are not new and are only the latest in what is closing in on a year of woke disasters, instability at the top of the company and financial problems. Here are some of the many problems Disney has endured in 2022 and 2023.

Last summer, Disney released "Lightyear," the newest film in the "Toy Story" franchise. It's also the movie in which the left-leaning company replaced the politically independent Tim Allen with the liberal activist actor Chris Evans for a new version of the character. The move didn't please a lot of people. Even noted Democrat (and "Toy Story" star) Tom Hanks found the replacement of Allen puzzling, saying, "I don't understand that."

The children's film also featured a same-sex kiss that was at first cut, then restored, amidst controversy relating to Disney speaking out over Florida's parental rights law, often spun by critics as the "Don't Say Gay" bill.

"Lightyear" also ultimately became the lowest-grossing film in a franchise that has made over $3.3 billion so far and has been declared a "bomb" by several outlets.

Another Disney movie did even worse, entering the outright disaster territory as the fall release of "Strange World" lost around $147 million. The film features the first openly LGBTQ+ teenaged Disney character, who discusses his crush in the movie.

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Photo Credit: Creepy Micky Mouse Played by Public Advocate's top volunteer.