Defending the family

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Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate responded to the attacks by Social media giants to strangle reports on the violence of the transgender movement:

Delgaudio said:

"Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram have all performed some kind of direct strangling of Public Advocate on the social media in recent days. Its all about censoring opposition to the transgender hysteria they all embrace and we oppose. Many major platforms refuse to allow the truth that some transgender murderers have killed Christians recently. Some major platforms don't want Public Advocate to mention mob violence committed against Riley Gaines who is bearing witness for all women who want to keep women in sports and not allow men to ruin the sport.

In spite of these efforts to kill the truth, Public Advocate memes have reached over one million on various social media platforms in the past 30 days including the big ones that attempt to censor us.

A day does not go by without some Big Tech functionary telling us to delete a post or canceling an online campaign or outright removing a post but we somehow manage to evade the censors, reaching a million views over 30 days.

Public Advocate could reach many more if not for the now routine censorship. But subscribers and supporters move quickly as they know they have to and thankfully have awareness about the censorship.

So, thank you to the brave subjects of our memes, our staff, volunteers and thousands of supporters who are sharing, re-posting, retweeting, and spreading our pro-family memes online, " said Delgaudio.