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Victory: Utah leads 14 States now declaring Porn a Health Hazard

Semafor reports:

"Utah state Sen. Todd Weiler doesn't mind the jokes. In 2016, after the Republican passed a resolution on the "public health crisis" of pornography and proposed a bill that would let individuals sue its producers for inflicting psychological harm, he was mocked by late night comics; Stephen Colbert even made a fake ad for "pornography lawyers." This week, as his law requiring tougher age verification from adult sites went into effect, Weiler shared his hate mail on social media ("I hope your wife stops putting out," one message read).

"I grew up watching David Letterman's viewer mailbag," Weiler told Semafor. "I think it's fun for people to see what kind of feedback I'm getting, especially when it's over the top."

Weiler was winning, and Utah was setting a trend. Since 2016, fourteen other states have passed resolutions that declare pornography a public health crisis, in line with tobacco or drunk driving. This year, Utah and Louisiana implemented similar laws that make media companies liable if people under 18 access pornography.

.........The age-verification law, which passed unanimously, inspired Pornhub to block any Utah-based ISP from the site............

...........The trade-off - some ridicule from liberals, but no Pornhub access - was just fine by Utah's Republicans.

"I fully support Pornhub's decision to remove their content in Utah," Gov. Spencer Cox said in a statement.

The new state laws would make it harder for minors to access pornography than at any time since life went online - if they're upheld."

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Leftist Perspective. Most leftist media is okay with porn being pushed to children.