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Idaho Student Travis Lohr's Future Canceled by Woke Mob

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate alerted his national following in statements and videos on many online social media platforms to a recent incident:

Delgaudio said:

Travis Lohr rejected the gender insanity with a simple statement, "Boys are boys, girls are girls. There is no in-between."

Woke teachers attacked, made sure he wasn't allowed to walk at graduation.
Parents and students stood by Lohr and protested. One bus driver joined the protest and has been fired.

The Democrat appointed Lesbian sheriff -- who is "married" to one of the woke teacher's at Lohr's school -- tried to cancel graduation due to as-yet unsubstantiated threats from "conservatives." This appears to be a trumped up excuse to get revenge against protestors.
Graduation was eventually held, but parents were instructed to keep it secret. Lohr was not allowed to walk.

He has also saw a job as a firefighter rescinded. The man who rescinded the job offer is married to another teacher at Lohr's school.

This is a developing story, but it appears that a massive conspiracy against a high school student by government employees was perpetrated.

Shoshone County, Idaho seems to have been overrun by Woke advocates moving there from west coast enclaves. The whole state of Idaho has become a battleground as locals reject the Homosexual Lobby new residents are attempting to force on to communities.
#TravisLohr #GenderInsanity #PrideMonth2023

Source for more information Idaho Tribune

For Travis Lohr to have a job offer rescinded due to what he said at a school assembly is wrong. His capability to be a firefighter/smoke jumper has nothing to do with what he said at school.

Please call and email the Silver Valley Forest Service office and the Coeur d'Alene Forest Service office. Ask what legal grounds Mr. Heyn had for rescinding Lohr's job offer.

(Please note that Heyn works for the US Forest Service, not the Idaho Department of Lands as initially reported.)

Idaho Panhandle National Forests Supervisor's Office
3232 West Nursery Road
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815
(208) 765-7223

Silver Valley Office
173 Commerce Dr.
Smelterville, ID 83868
(208) 783-2363

End of Statement.