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Public Advocate Social Media Reaching 50 Million in 2023

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate, responded to the increasing success of his group in reaching supporters of religious liberty:

"A few years ago, I asked supporters and staff to join me in the fight for religious liberty during the tyranical lockdowns and mandated vaccine policies being pushed by the Biden administration. Public Advocate supported weekly protests in the Washington area, trucker convoys in America and in Canada also. And we started social media engagement on many new platforms. It was God's Blessing granted to Public Advocate that we were able to achieve some traction on the internet after years of effort.

I have reported to my supporters the following:

The Homosexual Lobby's "Pride Month" is in full swing.

Schools, local governments and even major corporations are all force-feeding sexual propaganda to our nation's children.

But Public Advocate and many of our allies are utilizing social media to expose everything the Homosexual Lobby is up to.

So today, I wanted to share with you just some of the "memes" that we are sharing to the nearly 30 social media platforms we are currently operating on.

Thanks to many online supporters like you who share our pro-Family posts, we reached 10 million Americans last year.

And we are on track to reach 50 million people this year with these very low cost but high impact social media messages.

Clearly, America stands with US.

This is particularly critical during "Pride Month" as the Homosexual Lobby bombards our nation with their propaganda at every turn.

Here is a picture of what appears to be a Homosexual Mandalorian -- a Star Wars character -- performing at Disney.

"Star Wars Mandalorians" are currently incredibly popular with young children, which means that this display is clearly targeted at underage viewers.

The Disney Corporation has completely sold out to the Homosexual Agenda.

Their shows routinely include homosexual brainwashing for young children and sexual performers, like drag queens.

The Miami Police Department (Miami, FL) spent thousands of tax payers dollars to completely repaint this police cruiser in "pride" colors.

Instead of spending this money on better equipment and training, the Miami PD has spent it to show where their true allegiance lies.

Can you imagine a police car being decorated with slogans supporting Christianity at Christmas or Easter?

How can children being victimized by homosexual teachers expect the police to help them, when the police are so clearly committed to the radical Homosexual Agenda?

This is a picture from a children's textbook, teaching them to use puberty blockers.

Puberty blockers have been proven to be permanently destructive to developing bodies, yet the Radical Left continues to promote them as nothing more than a "pause button."

It also includes a "gender wheel" to trick them into thinking there are countless genders to choose from.

And here you can see the cost of the "trans" agenda on children.

This is a young girl who has permanently mutilated her body with a double mastectomy -- breast removal.

This is a picture of the children's propaganda being provided by Montgomery County Schools, Maryland.

Every one of these books is pushing the Homosexual Agenda at little kids.

And here is an announcement for a school sponsored drag show for little kids in Eugene, Oregon.

Why does this school need to hold a drag show for its young students?

Especially considering that an elementary teacher from the Eugene area was just convicted of 11 felonies for distribution of child pornography!

This teacher, Kelsey Boren, was even coaching young children on how to perform in "drag."

As a "drag mom," Boren took an 11-year-old to perform at a bar in Eugene in full drag -- the child used a stage name that implied they were "always craving sexual activity."

Eugene, Oregon has a very serious child predator/drag queen issue -- yet they are hosting a drag event at a school for little kids?

Here is one meme that pushes back against the Homosexual Agenda, asking a very serious question.

By asking why drag queens crave an underage audience, it puts the spotlight on what's really going here.

These drag queen story hours and "family-friendly" shows are designed to groom children into future sexual activity!

Here are two pictures taken just yesterday of Public Advocate volunteers and other pro-Family Advocates.

We were protesting a "drag queen story hour" at a library in Northern Virginia that was targeting little children.

These "groomers" and drag queens must be confronted every single time they try to target young children with their sexually perverse propaganda.

It is never okay to take children to such sexual performances.

Finally, I will wrap this email up with one meme celebrating some victories.

As you can see, Target and other major corporations are all feeling the effects of our pro-Family boycotts!

Corporations must be punished by the consumers when they push sick ideology along with their products.

Keep up the good work!

And if you haven't yet, please follow Public Advocate on any of the social media platforms you can.