Defending the family

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Public Advocate distributes One Million Christian Business Legal Defense Manuals

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate explains to supporters how Public Advocate prepares faith-based companies for legal defense against the assaults on them. Delgaudio says in a message to supporters:

"Christians (and some from other faith traditions) have been under constant assault, with employees suing employers who will not bow to their demands. This new Christian Business Legal Defense Manual provides an overview of the legal issues involved, and offers faith-based businesspeople a legal roadmap to be able to live out their faith in their business practices. It begins with a review and analysis of current case law, and concludes with suggestions for legal strategies faith-based businesses should use to defend their rights, based on the current state of the law. It also offers a listing of legal organizations that defend religious liberty in the workplace, as a resource for faithbased business people."

Public Advocate is contacting one million Christians and other faith-based business enterprises online and provide them a copy of the Christian Legal Defense Manual for free.

Copy of the Christian Legal Defense Manual Download here (Free).