Defending the family

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Video: Public Advocate Delivers 100,000 Protect Children Petitions to Congress

Public Advocate has sent Members of Congress on Wednesday August 30th 2023 over 100,000 signed petitions from Americans who are desperate for a voice in Washington.

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate asked Members of Congress and the Senate:

"Please personally examine these boxes of petitions. Many of these petitions come from your constituents who need a voice who will speak for pro-Family concerns."

Previously Public Advocate sent 120,000 to the office of Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene as a member of the House who distinguished herself by defending the family.

Delgaudio asked Members of Congress: "Please respond to these petitions by confirming your support of these Americans writing you for vital pro-Family positions and we urge you to join the H.R.1399 Protect Children's Innocence Act. Thank you for your leadership."

Delgaudio said: "Biden, the FBI, and so many others are leading an unprecedented assault on our families, our Religious Liberty and our morality. We are witnessing the eradication of gender & womanhood; the massive, coordinated effort to pervert the minds of young children and mutilate their bodies; and the FBI's campaign to treat parents who seek to protect their innocent children as "domestic terrorists." These 100,000 petitions call on Congress to stop the abuse of children in the name of the Homosexual Agenda and "transgender" agenda."

(Video Announcement posted on 20 platforms)