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Bizarre Transgender wants $300,000 uterus and ovary transplant, get pregnant and abort a child


A transgender activist stated on social media this week that he wishes to be the first biological male identifying as a female to have an abortion - and that he would get pregnant on purpose in order to kill the baby by abortion.

In a video shared by Libs of TikTok, the activist said, "I want to be the first trans woman to have a successful uterus transplant - ovaries and eggs included - and I want to be the first trans woman to have an abortion."


The activist went on to explain that he wants an 'experienced' doctor to "cut the organs out of a willing, healthy, trans-masculine donor, place them in my body. I will devote myself heart and soul to their aftercare. I will have as much gay sex as it takes with as many trans women as it takes and let the transphobes and homophobes scratch their heads wondering what to make of it. And I want to be the first transwoman to have an abortion."

It is a head scratcher in more ways than one. Even a surgically constructed "vagina" would not have the functionality of an actual, biological vagina/vaginal canal. Aside from this, the activist would apparently have to be sexually active with other biological males identifying as females (who are still biologically intact males and possibly not even on hormones)& and one of them would somehow need to get the activist pregnant using the donated eggs, ovaries, and uterus of a biological woman who identifies as male.

And each of these people would have to be willing to help create a baby with the sole intent of killing that baby.