Defending the family

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RINOS, LEFTISTS OBJECT TO OBJECTIONS by Pro-family Senator Tuberville

"SENATOR TUBERVILLE promises to stick to his holds on military promotions until the Biden Administration produces a policy that complies with federal laws prohibiting the use of taxpayer funds for abortion. Public Advocate supports his objections based on upholding the law and we support his questioning the promotion of bizarre Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives (DEI) by these nominated officers, " said Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate.

VIDEO: Senator Tuberville explains holds based on DIE Policies


Heritage Foundation explains how liberal Republicans and lawless Democrats are recklessly ignoring federal laws to attack Senator Tuberville:

Last week, a group of Republican Senators, including Joni Ernst (Iowa), Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), Mitt Romney (Utah), Dan Sullivan (Alaska), and Todd Young (Indiana), took to the Senate floor to try to break Sen. Tommy Tuberville's (Alabama) hold on military promotions. They failed because Sen. Tuberville held firm for hours in his fight against the Biden administration's unlawful abortion policy. Though Republican senators have for months muttered their disapproval of Tuberville's strategy of holding high-level military promotions until the DOD reverses its policy, this skirmish was the first time his Republican colleagues have openly rebelled against him.

It won't be the last. These same senators-and others-are plotting with Democrats to change the rules governing the Senate to undermine Tuberville and process the promotions. Watch for news of that in the days to come.

Why would Senate Republicans fight against one of their own, especially on something as fundamental as the fight to defend the unborn? Despite their espoused principles and campaign promises, life is simply not the top priority of many elected Republicans-at least, not like it is for their voters. For many years Republican politicians have promised voters they would cut federal funding from Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, only to give in when Democrats draw the line. In those cases, these Republicans explain their lackluster resolve by giving the excuse that they must fund the Department of Defense. Now these Senate Republicans are putting the military ahead of the unborn yet again.

>>> Biden Played Politics With Abortion and National Defense. Tuberville Is Right To Fight It.

It's important to remember how we got here. In June 2022, the Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade. In the weeks following the decision, President Biden ordered his administration to expand access to abortion through every possible means. For example, the State Department produced a document titled Reimagining PEPFAR, describing the ways the agency would promote greater access to "sexual reproductive health, rights and services" (a form of Orwellian government-speak for abortion) through the program meant to combat AIDS in Africa. The Veteran's Affairs department announced that for the first time its facilities would offer abortion to veterans and dependents. And the Department of Defense issued new rules granting paid leave and travel and transportation allowances to cover the cost of abortion.

None of these policies would have passed Congress had the administration attempted to change the law, so the Biden administration is using administrative rules and policy changes to advance their abortion agenda. None of this is legal.


Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville is waging an unprecedented campaign to try to change Pentagon abortion policy by holding up hundreds of military nominations and promotions, forcing less experienced leaders into top jobs and raising concerns at the Pentagon about military readiness.