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Happy Thanksgiving Message of Thanks to Supporters

In a video message to supporters today, Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate expressed appreciation to supporters for two recent victories:

Delgaudio said:

Thank you very much for everything that you've done for me. We have gotten fantastic support from you and are very grateful for that support.

We have some victories. We just won this case, this is a settlement in the Suffolk School District in Suffolk City, Virginia.

We reported to you earlier how we were ready to defend and that we would not allow prayer warriors to be silenced.

A Prayer Warrior was removed by police force and ordered out basically at the point of a gun to get out of a school board meeting because the chairman did not want prayers!

Well, they settled. And she is now allowed to pray. And she has actually appeared at the school board meeting with a prayer, which you'll see in the video below.

And it's a wonderful prayer. She asks for a blessing, and this is all she was doing. She was asking for a blessing from God. The Chairman of the board walked out in this case, ordered her to shut up. And now today, when she was actually brought in like a vampire, this ghoul left the room because he couldn't face the music of being wrong.

Oh, my goodness. He's wrong. I told him he was wrong. And over 20,000 people in the City of Suffolk know that he was wrong because we put out the video saying he was wrong.

And we made Angela Kilgore the hero that she is.

Angela Kilgore, you are a hero.

And we made sure that most of the people who are paying attention in Suffolk City know about this through our social media. Our videos were posted on 20 platforms, and we received a lot of feedback in Suffolk City. A lot of people know that we're on the scene, and we're not shy about supporting Angela Kilgore or any of the prayer warriors.

So she was back and she was praying, and they had to let her do it. And the anti-God members of the school board left the meeting as part of the negotiated settlement.
We don't know. Maybe because they couldn't keep their mouth shut. I don't know. Maybe because prayer would drive them like a possessed demon out of the room. I don't know.

But we took a stand, and I want to give a shout-out to the organization Founding Freedom Law Center. They get full credit for this. And I want to say that without their decision to represent Angela Kilgore, this wouldn't have happened. But we stood ready. We contacted the Founding Freedom Law Center, and they knew we were on standby to help them with any further litigation. But they did get an agreement that they would respond. The school board. Finally, under our pressure, we had over 20,000 people in the city of Suffolk demanding, essentially by their support online to stop persecuting Christians.

So I give credit to you, I give credit to the people who have fought wonderfully in Suffolk City, and that we will not leave you out to dry.

Our next victory was along with this recent settlement of prayer in the Suffolk school system. There is another great victory in protecting religious liberty and the innocence of children. The injunction in Texas to allow pornographers access to children based on a false free First Amendment argument failed. And our brief explaining why it's okay to protect children and to not allow the corruption of children prevailed.

The court ruled in our favor to allow a ban on pornography for children based on an age restriction. And that was upheld by two members of the district court, Fifth Circuit Court in Texas. So there's a stay of the lower court's injunction against the Texas Age verification law, meaning the law could not go into effect. But now, because there is that injunction has been put away or stayed, it has denied that injunction.

We have had oral arguments there, which we have passed along to our supporters via email. But there now is going to be a more formal opinion coming up, and that, of course, this fight will continue.

Don't get me wrong, this fight is going to continue because the pornographers are not going to rest. They're going to continue to argue in Texas that they're allowed to corrupt children, and we're going to fight and say, no, you're not allowed to corrupt children.

I do want to give recognition to two particular judges there, Judges Smith and Judges Elrod, who voted to grant the stay.

Thank you, Judges Smith and Judges Elrod.

Judge Jerry Smith- Wikipedia

Judge Jennifer Walker Elrod - Wikipedia

It was a two-to-three decision. Judge Higginbotham would have denied the motion to basically vacate the stay. So we're looking forward for that opinion to come out.

Our amicus brief was argued very forcefully. Our amicus brief was filed with the court, making the case that it is the duty of our government, the duty of our local government, state and federal and local cities, to defend the morality, defend the virtue of children.

We argued in this case.


This is the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth District, Fifth Circuit. obviously, Attorney General Paxton was a defendant in this case, and we, of course, came to support Attorney General Paxton's position that it is okay to stop pornographers and perverts from having access to children, and in the case we pointed out that the Supreme Court has generally been a liberal court.

No kidding. Okay. I think most of you know the Supreme Court has usurped the police power, imposing the First Amendment upon the common law of obscenity.

So those perverts before the current Supreme Court, not the current crowd, but the old timers, the old perverts on the Supreme Court said, you can't have any laws stopping obscenity. You got it.

Because of the First Amendment. And led by the late old Justice Brennen, they've usurped state authority over the law of obscenity and defamation by constitutionalizing what was never protected under the First Amendment.

The First Amendment did not protect obscenity. It did not protect pornography directed at children. I mean, this is the lowest of the low when you're talking about this. And the court has agreed with our reasoning that the Supreme Court wrongly applied the First Amendment to prevent states from guarding against wrongdoing.

There has never been a prohibition, a ban on protecting public morality.

That is our case. That is our brief. That is being upheld by this appeals court. So that's good news. It goes on to the Supreme Court from here. And I'm hopeful that we win and we prevail at the Supreme Court level.

I'll need your help. As always, I'll need your help to do that amicus brief as well. And you'll look for that. And we will provide, of course, copies of our amicus briefs to whoever wants one for free.

Thank you again for helping us win in Texas.

Thank you for helping us preserve the rights of prayer warriors to pray at school board meetings.

Thank you for helping us fight for religious liberty, " Delgaudio said to supporters.