Defending the family

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Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate says:

"Corporate and institutional investors are revolting and the current leadership in Disney is about to get feedback at the annual meeting in the form of new leadership. Its all because Disney CEO Bob Iger took on Elon Musk with their leftist freak groomer agenda by boycotting Twitter.

"Elon Musk's response is classic and historic. "Bob, Go F### Yourself" Musk said twice in a widely distributed live interview, responding to Bob Iger's assault on Twitter by pulling his advertising."

"Most intelligent investors know its self-defeating attacking your own customer base, normal traditional families, and when you add that absurdity to trying to bankrupt a social media platform with a billion subscribers, you have gone too far even for the most moderate of investors, " says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Leftist Hollywood Reporter posted:

Ike's Revenge? Ousted Marvel Mogul Looms As Disney Proxy Fight Heats Up

Disney says a "personal agenda" against Bob Iger by ousted exec Ike Perlmutter is fueling an activist investor's new attempt to reshape the company's board and grab more seats.

The last time Nelson Peltz and his firm Trian Partners waged a proxy battle against Disney, less than a year ago, they laid out their concerns in a PowerPoint presentation. Disney needed to cut costs, Trian said. It needed to bring back its dividend and get its free cash flow back on track. Disney was "over-earning" at its theme parks, gouging guests and not investing enough.

...............Peltz is back. And while he was looking for only one board seat last time, now he is looking for at least three, and possibly more, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter.

............... Peltz's effort does have its share of supporters. Bill Ackman, the influential hedge fund manager and founder of Pershing Square Capital Management, was seen at the Dealbook Summit carefully listening to Iger, Elon Musk and other interviewees. Iger's remarks about Disney pulling its ads from Musk's X (Twitter) seemed particularly troubling to Ackman, who has expressed disapproval of "Disney [caving] to public pressure" regarding X while investing heavily in TikTok.

"If Bob Iger would carefully examine the facts, he would likely continue to advertise on X, but Disney caves to public pressure rather than do the right thing," Ackman wrote on X. "Meanwhile Disney invests heavily on TikTok, likely alongside videos of kids teaching other teenagers to be anorexic and worse. I am sure Nelson Peltz can fix this when he joins the Disney board."

Photo Credit: Micky Mouse is Public Advocate Political Theater Superstar