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Public Advocate exposes Mayor Eric Adams lies. NYC can handle 10 million more illegals

Hon. Greg Abbott (submited online today January 2 2024)State of TexasOffice of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2428

COPY TO Mayor Eric Adams (submitted online today January 2 2024)City HallNew York, NY 10007

Dear Governor

The Mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, says he is at full capacity. This is not true at all. This mistruth impacts Governor Gregg Abbott directly so I am including him, Governor Abbott, in this email response which will be also sent to the Mayor of New York as a courtesy.

Public Advocate estimates NYC can handle another 10 million refugees and still have room left over.

Public Advocate estimates a minimum of 100 million square feet indoor and outdoor property that is immediately available for use or rental by the city government to house illegal aliens. This is just a partial list of properties available, mostly FREE as in no cost. There is lots of free food available immediately. And there are over 10,000 jobs available with half of them targeting illegal aliens for hire.

This is a partial list of facilities or resources available for housing, food and employment. I am sure Mayor Adams has access to a more comprehensive list of resources that he refuses to reveal publicly. This is based on my own 16 years in a smaller Loudoun county board of supervisors and my previous service as a staff member in the New York Senate Majority Leader's staff.

Public Advocate looked at the commercial vacancies and government building vacancy.

Commercial vacancy is 20 per cent through 2026 Federal government buildings have a 75 per cent vacancy rate, which applies to federal agency buildings in New York city. That's millions of square feet available now in federal buildings in New York City.

New York City office vacancy rates broke records, rising to 16.1% in the first quarter of 2023, representing more than 76 million square feet.

Public open spaces are over a million acres, all open parks and public locations owned by the government.

NEW YORK CITY has many vacant buildings that they hand over to development. This is additional millions of square feet of vacant space for lodging illegal aliens available at no cost to NYC

NEW YORK CITY has millions of square feet vacant and available now UNDERGROUND. These are subway areas adjacent to stations, pools, tunnels, factories -- all empty now.

ACTUAL EMPTY UNUSED TRAIN STATIONS in the system yield millions of square feetavailable for illegal aliens.

LOTS OF FOOD AVAILABLE IN NEW YORK CITY, over 663 food banks. Under federal law, 5,000 restaurants can donate unused prepared food on a daily basis. This law allows overriding Health laws under certain conditions (refrigerators have to be available at pantries).

663 food pantries with free food operating daily listed here online

Food bank for New York City is the largest with 300 food pantries in New York city and has lots of food according to recent public statements.LOTS OF JOBS available to illegal aliens and fully funded in the New York City budget.

New York is advertizing for nearly 4,000 International Applicant jobs right now. 3796 International Applicant jobs available in New York, NY on

Government jobs in NYC-- over 1,000 spots empty-does not include POLICE OFFICERS, SANITATION AND SUBWAY EMPLOYEES needed.

NYC SCHOOLS have 500 vacancies NOW

City University also has 500 vacancies now.

REGARDING SCHOOL ENROLLMENT AND CAPACITY: New York City enrollment is down 120,000 in the last five years. So thats staff and seating available now.

The city's K-12 public school enrollment fell by more than 120,000 over the past five years, according to city figures. Enrollment in pre-kindergarten classes is also down significantly, and the city's program for 3-year-olds has thousands of empty seats.

Again this is a partial list of resources available. Links to the sources are provided in the cases cited by Public Advocate.

Eugene Delgaudio
Public Advocate of the US Inc.


Photo of Governor Abbott from Youtube

Photo of Mayor Eric Adams

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