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Augusta, Virginia School Board Unanimously Rejects Transgender Propaganda

"Congratulations to the Augusta County School Board for unanimously rejecting Transgendfer propaganda, " says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.


The Augusta County Public School Board voted on a new resolution that aligns with Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin's model policy for transgender students.

The policy was officially released in 2023, and school boards have since grappled with adopting it. Youngkin's model policy for transgender students defines the word 'sex' as biological sex and requires school administrators and teachers to refer to students by the names and pronouns associated with their biological sex, unless a parent explicitly gives them permission to do otherwise.

The school board had discussed the model policy several times over the year, but the board officially voted on Resolution 7.505 at its December 6th meeting. After parents came forward with several concerns, including sharing bathrooms with transgender students, board members passed the resolution in a unanimous vote.

"I think it reflects the values of our school board," said Dr. David Shiflett with the Augusta County School Board, "Therefore, Mr. Chairman, I move that we approve our revised policy as Augusta County Public Schools' policy."

Board members believe the policy aligns with Augusta County's values.