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Taxpayers paid for Fani Willis Nathan Wade Sex Affairs: allegations against Fulton County's Prosecutor

American Thinker reports:

The news out of Georgia is getting interesting. According to one of the co-defendants in the case that Fulton County DA, Fani Willis, brought against Trump and others who challenged election results, Willis's special prosecutor, Nathan Wade, not only raked in $654,000 but is also allegedly Willis's boyfriend. That's shocking corruption on its face. However, things got even more interesting when Wade's bills showed him having long conferences with the White House in 2022.

Michael Roman is one of the co-defendants in Willis's case alleging that challenging an election in Georgia (something Stacey Abrams has been doing professionally for years now) is a criminal act when Donald Trump does it. On Monday, Roman filed an absolutely stunning motion with the trial court alleging that Willis was having an affair with Wade:

The motion, filed [Monday] on behalf of defendant Michael Roman, a former Trump campaign official, seeks to have the charges against Roman dismissed and for Willis, Wade and the entire DA's office to be disqualified from further prosecution of the case.

The filing also offers no concrete proof of the romantic ties between Willis and Wade, except to say "sources close to both the special prosecutor and the district attorney have confirmed they had an ongoing, personal relationship."

It alleges that Willis and Wade have been involved in a romantic relationship that began before Wade was appointed special prosecutor. It says they traveled together to Napa Valley and Florida, and they cruised the Caribbean using tickets Wade purchased from Norwegian and Royal Caribbean cruise lines - although the filing did not include documentation of those purchases.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, from which the above quote comes, says that Roman hasn't offered documentary evidence to sustain this claim, which I can readily believe. Such evidence would consist of credit card receipts and correspondence with hotels and cruise ship lines, none of which Roman could obtain without a court order. However, the allegation is on the table now. So far, Willis has been silent about the charge. If it's true, denying it would be a very dangerous course of action.