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Public Advocate Chloe Cole Message Getting Online and Media Traction

"There can be no underestimation of the amazing journey of this young hero Chloe Cole has made in attempting to take on the odds in communicating her terrible experience at the hands of the horrific trans sex change machine that harms its victims for profit. She decided to become a Public Advocate for the children of America to warn them of the lies and false propaganda of the Transgender Lobby, " says Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate.


Chloe Cole said in an interview with Eugene Delgaudio: "As I've started becoming a Public Advocate, I have noticed that there's been a huge influx in many people detransitioning and desisting and coming forward with their stories online. And many of them are even following in the footsteps of mine, going to their state legislatures and testifying to protect the rights of kids. And it's just been incredible to watch and be a part of it!".

@eugenedelgaudio responded:
"That's beautiful. That is really beautiful. Wow!

Delgaudio asked her, "What advice would you give to other girls that are considering this mutilating surgery?" And She had some really inspiring and encouraging words for these Girls.

Chloe Cole said, "So what would you tell anybody right now about this? If I were to speak to anybody going through this right now, I would say that the entire premise of this is a LIE. You cannot change your sex. And your gender is not separate from your sex, from the way that you're born or your body. But there is nothing wrong with the way that you were born. There is nothing wrong with being made into a man or a woman. It's a gift. It's your birthright. And you might not always feel like you fit inside the mold of what you think men or women should be like, but that's something that's beautiful. There is always variation in human beings that is something that we should appreciate and uplift. Just because you're masculine as a woman or because you're feminine as a man doesn't make you the opposite sex. It's something that makes you unique. That is something to cherish."

Delgaudio also asked Chloe, "What would you say to others who are considering to detrans and get out of the lie? Somebody out there is considering this right now. On the one hand, surgery, on the other hand, the whole environment. What are you thinking that would help them come to terms with this propaganda that has hold of them?

Chloe Cole had such an amazing answer! You are Not Alone!

Cole said: "It's something that will be incredibly difficult, especially within the first few months to within the first year, and it might feel incredibly lonely. But you are far from alone. There is an entire community of people out there just like you. And no matter what you have been through, you are still whole. No matter what these doctors or what this community has taken from you."

"Parents need to teach their children, as this trans issue has swamped all avenues of our society....." She also talks about parents dealing with this issue at home and gives great advice, urging parents to NOT Affirm the Lie! Affirm how they were made. Be their Rock! And I thought WOW it really takes guts and courage to just stand for the truth and tell it like it is no matter the cost.

"I think to any parents, whether or not your child is already dealing with this, this is something that you're going to have to address with your child, and sooner is better than later. Because they are going to learn about it whether you like it or not, whether it be through school, through the curriculum, through their peer groups, through the Internet, even through video games and the communities around them.

Cole continued: "This has made its way into every single part of our culture. And you have to tackle this with your child and address the truth with them and teach them how to discern between fantasy and reality before outside influences get to them.

And if you're dealing with this with your own child right now.

Do not Affirm this in any capacity. Do not affirm their preferred name, their preferred pronouns. Do not call them by the opposite sex or whatever they identify as. Because if you concede any ground you're feeding, this idea that your child has, that the way that they were made was wrong and that it has to be fixed, it's a Lie.

No child is born the wrong body, and no child deserves to believe that. You have to affirm their identity as they were made. You have to talk with us. You have to talk through this with them. You have to have those hard conversations with them, no matter how uncomfortable, because your child is relying on you to build their identity, to help them become mature adults who can live life to the fullest.

You should be asking them, where are these feelings coming from? Why do you think that the way that you're made was wrong? Why do you think that you have to change and you have to be their rock in reality, you have to help them build their identity!" says Chloe Cole.

Here is a link to our full interview on youtube.