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New York County Executive Takes On Attorney General Forcing Violent Men on Women in Sports

"This New York County Executive is a hero for defending women in his jurisdiction being destroyed by violent men physically beating women in women's sports. Crushing women to push them out of public taxpayer sports programs is illegal and prohibited under existing human rights and Constitutionally sound federal laws. Democrats are lawless and pandering to a perverse agenda that has no public support. Bruce Blakeman is a hero for simply standing for common sense," says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.


New York county exec sues AG James over his trans athletes ban in women's sports

An elected official in a New York City suburb is suing state Attorney General Letitia James to block her from preventing his order that bans transgender athletes from competing against biological females in sporting events at facilities within his county.

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman is suing James over her cease-and-desist letter regarding the matter and is asking a federal court in the Eastern District of New York to rule that he has the power to implement the ban.

The lawsuit stems from a Feb. 22 executive order issued by Blakeman that forbids trans athletes from competing against biological females at Nassau County facilities, including parks and other county property.

We set forth this policy because of the unfair competitive advantage that males have," Blakeman said Wednesday during a news conference at his Mineola, Long Island office. "They're bigger, faster and stronger. It's a scientific fact."

Blakeman and parents Marc and Jeanine Mullen, who are plaintiffs in the lawsuit and whose 16-year-old daughter competes in women's volleyball in Nassau County, said an "unfair playing field is created when a biological male competes against biological females, and further recognizing the risk of serious injury to biological females."

"By this action, the plaintiffs seek to prevent the defendants from doing exactly what it is that they have alleged the County of Nassau and County Executive Bruce A. Blakeman have done: unconstitutionally discriminating against individuals on the basis of gender in the limited and narrow context of sporting events," the lawsuit states.

Blakeman's order requires any sports teams, leagues, programs or organizations seeking a permit from the county's parks and recreation department to state the athletes' "biological sex at birth."

Having biological males compete against females creates an unfair and dangerous environment since biological men are generally stronger and faster than women, the complaint said. Those differences are not erased just because someone has sex reassignment surgery, according to the lawsuit.

"If biological men are allowed to compete with biological females, it erases all the hard-earned progress and - more importantly - creates an unsafe and dangerous environment for those biological females to play in," it said.

"Just last month it was reported that a girls basketball team went so far as to forfeit a game because a transgender girl injured three girls and the coach felt compelled to terminate his team's participation in order to prevent further injury to the biologically female athletes by the 6-foot-tall biologically male transgender player," the complaint said.

A spokesperson for James' office told Fox News Digital that Blakeman's order is "transphobic."