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TRUMP: Keep your filthy hands off Trump Tower!

Donald Trump wrote supporters: "Keep your filthy hands off Trump Tower".

Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate wrote his supporters nationwide:

The political persecution of President Trump has reached hysterical levels. I'm of course talking about the attack on Trump's business by New York City.

First Letitia James ran for New York Attorney General on a platform of "getting revenge on Trump."

Then once she won, she found one real estate deal Trump once made that she could turn from a molehill into a mountain.

Next, she found a judge who wanted to throw the book at Trump. Now Trump is facing nearly a HALF BILLION DOLLARS in fines and penalties for a fake crime.

And I don't say fake lightly.

The basis of the charge against Trump is that he overinflated the value of his Mar-a-Lago property on a loan application. But no one seriously believes the rock-bottom price the judge decided it was actually worth.

At the time, the value of the property was thoroughly vetted by the banks involved and they signed off on it. And all parties involved made a profit!

There is literally no injured party calling for justice.

The actual "injured party" are the radical Left whose feelings were hurt by four years of President Trump. And this is their chance to get revenge.

Now, this New York scam-of-justice is trying to fleece President Trump for a nearly a HALF BILLION DOLLARS to put in the pockets of New York Liberals. But this story gets even worse.

Trump has reported that no financial institutions will issue a bond for him to cover these fines, as required in order to appeal this court ruling.

Which means that Trump has until Monday to come up with over $450 million in cash - or AG Letitia James will start seizing his company's assets at will.

And the only way for Trump to raise that cash without getting a bond is to fire-sale off his company for pennies on the dollar.

Worse, the Monday deadline means that all this has to happen even before Trump has a chance to properly appeal this absurdly aggressive court ruling.

No one has any doubt that once Trump is able to appeal this decision to a new jurisdiction that the damages will be substantially lowered - if not thrown out altogether.

But by that time, his company will be in tatters.

Right now there is not much you and I can really do to help President Trump - except to build national outrage over this treatment of a former president and the leading candidate to be the next president.

This is a politically motivated legal assault - or lawfare - on the former president. We need the elected leaders of our country to cry out with one voice that New York's Attorney General and one judge cannot destroy a conservative hero.

I have a plan, and it's entirely dependent on you.

I want you to call all your senior elected leaders today - your governor, your senators and your congressman.

Please insist politely that each and every one of them publicly condemn this attack on President Trump and demand that New York back down from this assault on American dignity, property rights, liberty and common decency.

You can find your U.S. Senators by clicking here, and your U.S. Representative here.

And don't forget to call your governor. More and more, it's the governors who are standing up to the radical Woke Agenda - like Governors DeSantis and Abbott - and we need them to speak out clearly on this issue.

I know it doesn't seem like much, but it's the most you and I can do right now.

So please, call now.