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Hero Virginia Supervisor Stands Against Pornographers Promoting Banned Pornography

"Leftist propagandists grooming children for bizarre sexual practices will not be tolerated by the Hanover County, Virginia board of supervisors led by Cold Harbor District Supervisor Michael Herzberg. Of course the leftist groomers using public time protest and are attempting to force their local government to corrupt children and the news media celebrates perversion. Standing against porn peddlers is to be celebrated. These porn peddlers falsely preach freedom of speech to pervert children using taxpayer funds and that is wrong. Thank you Cold Harbor District Supervisor Michael Herzberg and the entire Hanover, Virginia Board of Supervisors as Public Advocate's latest Family Advocate award recipient, " says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.


A Hanover Girl Scout is speaking out after she says she was censored by the Hanover County Board of Supervisors during the recognition of her senior project.

Girl Scout Kate Lindley created a project for the Girl Scouts "Gold Award."

Considered the "most prestigious award in Girl Scouting," the Gold Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout can receive. Girls can pick an initiative they are passionate about and spend extensive time creating and executing a project about the chosen initiative, according to the National Girl Scout website.

Lindley's project was "Banned Book Nooks" which she created through her "Free to Read Project." She said the nooks give space to restore access to the books that Hanover Schools banned from their libraries in 2023.

"It exposes more community members to these titles hopefully ending their demonization," Lindley said.

The Hanover Board of Supervisors chose to recognize four girls in the Hanover area who received the award at the start of their meeting Wednesday night.

In early April, Cold Harbor District Supervisor Michael Herzberg and the board voted to amend the proposed summary of the proclamation to exclude any language around banned books.

Herzberg responded to Lindley and her supporters after public comment closed. He doubled down on his decision to amend the proclamation, saying that board members have the right to make changes.

"If anyone wants to support an author whose message is about pornography to children then people have the right to do that," Herzberg said. "As a board member, I have a right to say no that I don't support that request and I also have the right to say yes I have the right to approve the substitute request so the Girl Scout could still get recognized for her Gold Award."

In a statement to CBS 6, Herzberg said that most parents in his school district do not support pornography and sexually explicit material in taxpayer-funded libraries.

Herzberg added that de-selected books did not have his support to be part of a board proclamation, but he did support the substitute proclamation presented at the meeting.