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Photo Drudge Report, Major media Hides and Forgot: Nudists Run Libertarian Party

"Kudos to Donald Trump for attempting to cloth the naked. Its Biblical to try to help the downtrodded. But the street people of the Libertarian Party booed Trump and libertarian homosexual sympathiser Matt Drudge celebrates his libertine bias by ignoring the fact that nudists and assorted fringes run the Libertarian Party show.

Some clothed policy wonks are in the administrative leadership of course. People seem to forget that nudists, anarchists, agnostics and worse are part of the broader fringe coalition that make up today's Libertarian Party group. Arizona Libertarian Candidate Marc Victor for the U.S. Senate openly advocated in a televised debate to lower the age of consent for children to have sex. Donald Trump was misled into thinking he had something in common with the modern "Libertarian Party" which insults genuine moral free market thinkers of the past like the late Milton Friedman, " says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

"Seriously, there was history made as Trump was the first major Party presidential candidate to ever address the Libertarians. Trump's core beliefs and record in office are genuinely free market. His opening quip that since he was indicted on 91 phoney charges makes him a libertarian thinking person now was funny. But the hoots came from some of the fringe elements who would probably rather be smoking weed. Trump asked for their endorsement and he offered his full power as president to elevate the Libertarian Party. I doubt insane people will respond positively." says Delgaudio.





Former President Donald Trump was booed and heckled Saturday night as he tried to sway the Libertarian vote in his direction at the party's national convention, but his efforts-which included promises to nominate a Libertarian to his cabinet and commute the sentence of Ross Ulbricht, who founded an online marketplace to buy and sell illegal drugs-were largely met with loud jeering and shouted insults from the crowd.

Some of the loudest boos came when Trump recommended the Libertarian party choose him as its nominee, saying "we should win together," but jeers repeatedly popped up throughout the speech, including after Trump suggested he may be a libertarian "without even trying to be one."

After being continuously booed and heckled-audience members called him a "liar," "panderer" and "wannabe dictator"-Trump turned on the audience and mocked the Libertarian Party's poor voting record, telling them if they didn't vote for him, they could "keep getting your 3% every four years."
Candidate for Libertarian Party Leader Gets Naked | Man drops mic ...

Candidate for Libertarian Party Leader Gets Naked | Man drops mic ...