Defending the family

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Public Advocate and Nation honors Veterans

EUGENE DELGAUDIO, PRESIDENT OF PUBLIC ADVOCATE in an online letter to 100,000 Public Advocate supporters said:


"While Public Advocate's mission is to resist the radical Homosexual Agenda at every turn, there are other core values that we also hold dear.

We are 100% Pro-Life, and we are 100% patriotic.

I have always been patriotic and respectful to our military and armed forces.

And I have also always supported law enforcement.

There are examples of corrupting influences and bad actors in both, but Public Advocate stands by the brave men and women who stand in defense of America.

We are fighting to get rid of bad policies and corrupt members to protect both our country and the majority of the service members who don't embrace the Homosexual Agenda.

When I was very young -- at age 9 -- my first duty was to hold the American Flag for cheering Conservatives at the Conservative Club in Queens, New York.

I have never wavered since in my devotion to this country.

Let us take a moment to honor and acknowledge our service men and women.

Both my parents and my wife's Sheila's parents served in the Armed Forces.

I am sure you know someone who served our country -- or you yourself faithfully served in our Armed Forces.

If you are in law enforcement or have family members in the Armed Forces or law enforcement or first responders, thank you for your service and the sacrifice of your family."

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