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Traitor Amy Comey Barrett sides with Biden Gestapo, Barrett is Jane Fonda of Court

"The duplicitous betrayal of millions of conservatives by Justice Amy Comey Barrett is a cowardly act ranks as a piling on or dispicable backstabbing of patriots who stand for truth and justice posting alternative non-liberal commentary on social media. Justice Barrett is the Jane Fonda of the Supreme Court, " says Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Photo of Jane Fonda in Viet Nam betraying American Troops


The Supreme Court on Wednesday said the White House and federal agencies such as the FBI may continue to urge social media platforms to take down content the government views as misinformation, handing the Biden administration a technical if important election-year victory.

Of immediate significance, the decision means that the Department of Homeland Security may continue to flag posts to social media companies such as Facebook and X that it believes may be the work of foreign agents seeking to disrupt this year's presidential race.

Rather than delving into the weighty First Amendment questions raised by the case, the court ruled that the state and social media users who challenged the Biden administration did not have standing to sue.

Justice Amy Coney Barrett wrote the opinion for a 6-3 majority......................

.......................Republican officials in two states - Missouri and Louisiana - and five social media users sued over that practice in 2022, arguing that the White House did far more than "persuade" the tech giants to take down a few deceptive items. Instead, they said, the Biden administration engaged in an informal, backdoor campaign of coercion to silence voices it disagreed with - a practice known as "jawboning."

They pointed to the decision by social media companies to suppress coverage of Hunter Biden's laptop in late 2020 as evidence of unconstitutional government influence. But internal communications related to Twitter's handling of the laptop story highlighted how high-level company officials were divided on whether to suppress coverage of the story, contrary to suggestions by some critics that the platform demoted it because of government pressure.

The plaintiffs also claimed the FBI leaned on platforms to remove content it identified as "foreign" when the posts were, in fact, written by Americans.