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Miers Continues to Falter

Washington, DC -- As reports continue to show that Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court is failing to impress Republican and Democrat Senators alike, Public Advocate continues to call on the President to spare Ms. Miers, his administration, and the Nation the frustration of continuing with this appointment by withdrawing her from consideration and focusing on a more qualified and proven nominee.

Rather than stubbornly sticking by Miers the President should recognize when to recognize a lost cause and correct this error in judgment, said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. Over the past three weeks, the more we have learned about Harriet Miers the more concerned we become. While it is very possible that she could end up to be an originalist on the bench, the fact that so little is known about her judicial philosophy makes this nomination a gamble that we simply cannot afford to make.

Public Advocate, a Virginia based pro-family group, was the first organization to come out against the Miers nomination.