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Public Advocate Condemns Cheney for Gay Freedom Comment

Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio released the following statement today condeming Vice President Cheney's warm embrace of the homosexual lifestyle choice.

"The Republican's party's top senior official long known for brilliant
strategy and conservative issue development, former Congressman and
current Vice President Richard Cheney, confuses love for his openly
lesbian daughter with embracing an entire alternative lifestyle and in
the process yields a major moral plank to its powerful lobby.

"'Freedom' is not embracing perversion. That is enslavement. You can
challenge and confront immoral practices. You can still love your family
members and explain the difference in a non-judgemental manner. Vice
President Cheney's failure to distinquish the two options and calling it
a 'freedom to choose a gay relationship' capitulates to the so-called
homosexual propaganda that the 'acceptance of homosexual acts' is all
that is required to be considered reasonable.

"The homosexual lobby expects 'endorsement' from the government and
society and is seeking to criminalize Christians who condemn the
homosexual lifestyle.

"It is ironic that Public Advocate fights for a former lesbian to keep
her child in a Virginia Court while Vice President Richard Cheney and
his wife, Lynne, fight to convince the American public that homosexual
acts are a form of 'freedom.'

"Public Advocate thanks VP Cheney for again endorsing the constitutional
amendment to preserve marriage but considers it a duplicity of the
highest order to say people possess a "freedom" to commit these acts."

Public Advocate has been fighting for the American Family for over 25
years, and is exempt from federal taxation under IRC section 501(c)4.
Contributions or gifts to Public Advocate are not tax-deductible.

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