Defending the family

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Public Advocate president Eugene Delgaudio announced the mailing of one million postcards in 20 selected states as promised earlier this year. The postcards go to local, state and federal jurisdictions where the pro-family issues have been raised through debates, surveys, ballot or legislative decisions.

One such state is Delaware, where Public Advocate is mailing 100,000 postcards on Monday, October 25th, 2004.

The card message is similar to other cards for elected incumbents who have taken public positions for or against family issues.

In this case, the incumbent Governor has taken anti-Family positions and Public Advocate is asking the Governor, Ruth Minner, to change her position.

Partial text of postcard:

"Send a message to pro homosexual-marriage politicians like Ruth Minner.

"Minner is supported by militant homosexuals who call her election a "no brainer." (

"Before it's too late, send a message to all Delaware politicians to listen to our families and protect marriage as the union or one man and one woman.

"Homosexuals cannot provide children with the benefits and balance of a husband and wife........

"Insist that pro homosexual-marriage politicians like Ruth Minner renounce their support for the radical homosexual agenda. Tell her to renounce her her attack on Delaware families."


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