Defending the family

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Cake For Marriage Tour Concludes

Public Advocate volunteers spent the weeks leading up to the election on their national cake for marriage tour, going to battleground states in the presidential and senate campaigns. The volunteers, dressed in traditional marriage attire gave out free wedding cake and asked people to consider candidates' positions on the Federal Marriage Amendment before casting their ballots.

The tour included stops in West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Whether it was in front of a state capitol or outside of a county courthouse local citizens and the media got a chance to talk about issues so important to the American family while enjoying delicious wedding cake.

"This will be one of the most important elections for the American family ever," said Public Advocate Communications Director Jesse R. Binnall to Channel 13 News in Ashville, NC. "Pro-family Americans must get out and vote and they most know whether their candidates will stand-up for the American family or be beholden to the radical homosexual lobby."

The tour kicked-off in Charleston, West Virginia on October 20, 2004 and concluded on November 1 in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and Hagerstown, Maryland.