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Delgaudio Statement on Specter's Selection as Judiciary Cmte Chair

Public Advocate of the United President Eugene Delgaudio released the following statement today regarding the Judiciary Committee's decision to endorse Arlen Specter as their new committee chairman.

"It is most unfortunate that the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have put aside their conservative values by selecting liberal Senator Arlen Specter as their incoming chairman. Specter has a record of attacking conservative nominees and issues. To put him in charge of shepherding through the President's nominees is the ultimate example of a fox guarding the hen house.

"Public Advocate intends on holding every Senator who supported Specter for the post personally responsible for his actions as chairman. If any more nominees are "Borked" by Specter, then Public Advocate will remind these Senators' constituents who put Specter in his post. Likewise, If Senator Specter forces through the agenda of the radical homosexual lobby as chairman, all Senators on the Judiciary Committee will be held equally responsible in the eyes of the conservative, now un-silent majority of American voters, because of their vote to endorse Specter.

"Finally, Public Advocate is calling on Majority Leader Frist to keep Specter on a short leash and to be willing to remove him from his post should he fail to support conservative nominees and or use the position to force through the agenda of the radical homosexual lobby which has been rejected at the ballot box by the American electorate."

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