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Delgaudio to Senators: Don't Even Think About an Alito Filibuster

Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio gave a stern warning to liberal members of the U.S. Senate today regarding the nomination of Samuel Alito.

"Don't event think about filibustering this nominee," said Delgaudio. "The American people stand firmly behind Judge Alito because they know he is a brilliant jurist who believes that the role of the courts is to interpret laws and the role of democratically elected legislators is to set political policy.

"If these Senators could allow an up or down vote on liberal extremists like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a radical former ACLU lawyer and Stephen Breyer, a former Ted Kennedy staffer, then they can allow a vote on this mainstream nominee that has dedicated his life to public service.

"If they choose to try to stop Judge Alito from getting a fair vote, pro-family Americans across the nation will rise up against their extremism at the ballot box in a way they cannot even imagine. All talk about an Alito filibuster must stop and the Judge's confirmation proceedings should advance in a manner that will allow him to take his seat on the bench as soon possible."

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