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Delgaudio Statement Announcing "Uncle Sam" Alito Campaign

Good morning, my name Eugene Delgaudio, I am the President of Public Advocate of the United States.

We are excited to launch our "Confirm 'Uncle Sam' Alito" campaign today. Judge Samuel Alito is a fine American and an extraordinary jurist who deserves a fair and timely up or down vote in the Judiciary Committee and in the U.S. Senate.

"Uncle Sam" Alito is an excellent example of what a Supreme Court Justice should be. He is fair, intelligent, and has consistently showed judicial restraint as an appeals court judge.

What he is not, is simply the conservative version of Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, or John Paul Stevens. He will not try to force his political beliefs on the American people by flexing his judicially unrestrained muscle, as these justices have done.

We believe that if Judge Alito is confirmed he will help return the Supreme Court to its original roll as a judicial body rather than a legislative body.

Yesterday's news that certain Senators plan to yet again delay the final Alito confirmation votes is very troubling. It again shows that these Senators are for obstruction and delay for obstruction and delay's sake. Clearly they are looking for more time to find ways to derail this excellent nominee and their tactics should be repudiated by their constituents.

That is why Public Advocate is launching this "Confirm 'Uncle Sam' Alito" grassroots campaign. We want to encourage all Americans that believe in judicial restraint and oppose the judicial activism that has plagued our federal courts-especially the Supreme Court-for far too long, to call their Senators and tell them they want a fair up or down vote on this nominee as soon as possible.

We will be targeting certain Senators who have constituencies that will be particularly unsympathetic to these obstruct and delay tactics.

At our events we will be using campaign materials such as these [points to the displayed materials] that show our "Confirm 'Uncle Sam' Alito" artwork, which is based upon the original Uncle Sam art.

We will be giving out rally and yard signs, lapel stickers, and sport-type pennants with this logo. We also have a free downloadable print of this design available to Alito supporters at our website:

It is essential that all Americans call and email their Senators to tell them how important it is that they support this nominee. We hope they join us by going to our website, today.

I will be happy to answer any questions.