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Delgaudio Praises Frist for Scheduling Marriage Vote

Public Advocate applauds Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist for his recent announcement that he would schedule a vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment for June 5th, 2006. The group's President, Eugene Delgaudio, emphasized the importance of this vital amendment while announcing that the group was going to deliver thousands of petitions to targeted Senators on behalf of pro-family Americans.

"The radical homosexual lobby continues its assault on the American Family by trying to shove their extremist political agenda down our throats through activist judges and leftist bureaucrats," said Delgaudio. "We need a Constitutional amendment to protect marriage as the sacred union between one man and one woman now more than ever. All across the nation Americans are going to the polls and overwhelmingly adopting measures to save marriage in their states, but it could all be for nothing if the Federal Marriage Amendment is not passed. Americans are demanding this amendment and it is past time for congress to act.

"That is why we are so thankful that Senator Frist has scheduled this vote so that Senators will be forced to pledge their allegiances one way or another. Either they are with the American family or they are with the radical homosexual lobby. The American people deserve to know where they stand."

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