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Public Advocate Responds to DeWine�s support of Thought Control

In a letter to Public Advocate supporters, Senator Mike DeWine tried to defend his support of the Kennedy Thought Control Bill currently pending in Congress that would focus on thoughts rather than actions in the prosecution of crimes.

DeWine argues that the Thought Control (or so-called Hate Crimes) Bill does not infringe on free speech, but he fails to address the concerns of thousands of pro-family Americans who say only a year ago pro-family demonstrators jailed in Pennsylvania under a similar statute for simply praying near a homosexual event. This incident even lead Senator George Allen to disavow the Kennedy Thought Control Bill on freedom of speech grounds.

DeWine also states that the legislation is necessary because "…we have to stand up and let the law send a strong signal that certain crimes of violence – crimes aimed at individuals solely because of their race, religious beliefs, disabilities, or sexual orientation – are abhorrent and fly in the face of the bedrock principles on which our civil society was founded." Public Advocate continues to believe that all violent crime is equally "abhorrent" and should be punished harshly and equally to the full extent of the law.

Finally DeWine argues that the Thought Control Bill does not protect "special rights" but rather protects all Americans. He is just plain wrong. Once again he is saying that some violent crimes are worse than others and someone who is convicted of beating his wife is not as bad as someone who is convicted of violence against a homosexual. How is the battered wife "equally" protected? The government should not be in the business of judging the political correctness of a crime but rather it should focus on getting all violent criminals off the street and in jail where they belong.

Public Advocate believes that the pro-family voters in Ohio will not stand for this hypocrisy and we encourage all Americans to urge their Senators to vote against the Thought Control Bill. We must continue to fight this discrimination against victims of violent crimes who had politically correct attackers.