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Republicans in Congress Must Remember Base

Although the mid-term elections are still more than six months out, Republicans in the House and Senate sense the danger in the air. By failing to distinguish themselves from liberals-in both parties-on the outrageous spending of taxpayer money, they have both forsaken their base and have often fallen into the trappings of corruption that come with reckless spending habits.

"If Republicans want to continue to count on conservative support they need to shape up their act and they need to do it now," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "The real reform that is needed to clean-up Capitol Hill is not restricting the free-speech rights of grassroots activists, but rather to put a stop to their addiction to wasteful spending."

"The irony is that presidential candidates are promising to put an end to this waistful spending, even though their primary elections are two-years away. Yet members of congress, who face the voters this November, continue to fiddle as Rome burns and they remain blissfully ignorant of the danger they face at the hands of angry taxpayers who are tiered of having their hard-earned money wasted on pork-barrel projects."