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The Terrifying Story of Dawn C. Stefanowicz

For years, the left-wing main stream media has perpetuated the myth that children of homosexual parents grow up in safe and healthy households. They would have us believe that someone's sexual preference has no influence on what kind of role-model they will be for their children. But the testemony of people like Dawn C. Stefanowicz tell a different story.

Ms. Stefanowicz grew up in a household with a promiscuous homosexual father who brought many men in to her life and her home when she was just a child. Men with sexual perversions. Is it any wonder that she was to be sexually, physically and emotionally abused?

When she testified before a committee in the Massachusetts state legislature, her cries of warning fell on mostly deaf ears. Elected officials in much of America-especially in Boston-lack the will or the courage to stand up to the radical homosexual lobby, at the expense of kids like Dawn.

The radical homosexual lobby continues to push for more children to be adopted by gay men and women. The story of Dawn Stefanowicz alone shows the dangers of their agenda.

"The media continues to tell us that the children of gay parents are in no more danger than the average child growing up in a nuclear family," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "This is a myth that is dispelled by the horror-stories of people like Dawn. It is an unthinkable travesty to continue to make our kids pay the price of our social experimentation. It is past time that we stand up and demand our elected officials fight for the rights of the most innocent among us, our children, rather than giving in to the radical homosexual lobby."

For Ms. Stefanowicz's complete testimony please click here.

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