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California Senate Adopts Bill Demanding Homosexual Agenda Be Taught in Schools

In yet another attempt to force the agenda of the radical homosexual lobby on our children, the California State Senate has adopted S. 1437 which demands the homosexual, bisexual, and transsexual lifestyles be glorified in public school textbooks.

"This shows, yet again, that liberals see the public schools as a place to force their political and moral, or rather immoral, philosophies on our children," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "This proves more than ever that education is clearly not their goal, but rather socialization. As a result, families without the financial means to send their children to private schools are helpless to stop these liberals from brainwashing their kids.

"It also further shows their hypocrisy. While they call for the freedom of thought on school campuses, what they really mind is the freedom to think different thoughts that they find politically correct and any thoughts that are contrary to their beliefs should be banned from the school house. So much for the First Amendment!

"We call upon the California State Assembly and Governor Schwarzenegger to reject the Children's Brainwashing Act of 2006 before it is force upon California families."

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