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Mayor Williams� Hypocrisy

Mayor Anthony Williams was amply successful in showing his hypocrisy this week as he threatened to remove Bishop Owens of Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church from the Interfaith Council because of politically incorrect remarks made by Owens at a church service on Palm Sunday.

"Once again we see the hypocrisy and inconsistency of those who support the radical homosexual lobby," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "If a church leader rebukes a politician, the ACLU will practically bust through their doors like storm troopers threatening to take away their tax-exempt status, essentially putting them out of business. But when a politician rebukes a man of God for comments made about his faith from the pulpit, where are those so-called First Amendment advocates now? Where are the cries for Williams' impeachment for violating the 'separation of church and state?'"

To make matter worse, only minutes after rebuking Bishop Owens for offending homosexuals, he twice used the Lord's name in vain at a press conference, offending all of his Christian constituents.

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