Defending the family

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Washington, DC-A leader of Canada's radical homosexual lobby has brought a lawsuit in Alberta attempting to silence a pro-family radio talk show host and a pastor. Dr. Darren Lund is accusing host Craig Chandler and Rev. Stephen Boisson of "hate speech" for publishing a letter on a website that opposes the agenda of the radical homosexual lobby.

Dr. Lund, who has consistently and viciously attacked pro-family Christians throughout his career, could force Chandler and Boisson to rack up a quarter of a million dollars in legal bills simply to defend their religious liberty and freedom of speech.

"The most ironic aspect of this story is that it is the accuser who has the history of hate speech," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio of Lund who has compared his opponents to leaders of the Aryan nation and Anti-Semites.

"This should serve as a warning shot to pro-family Christians throughout the world and especially in the United States," continued Delgaudio. "If anti-family extremists like Lund here in America have their way soon anyone who opposes the agenda of the gay lobby will be hauled into court and silenced by the muzzle of political correctness."

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