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UN Cmte to US: Enact the Agenda of the Radical Gay Lobby!

The United Nation Human Rights Committee has rebuked the United States for not bowing to the pressure of the radical homosexual lobby. The committee is demanding that the United States enact Ted Kennedy sponsored legislation like the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which would force employers to hire homosexuals or shut their doors, and the Thought Control (or so-called "hate crimes") Bill, which seeks to punish thoughts rather than actions.

Ironically, the move comes as other United Nations subdivisions continue to reject applications from these same radical groups to be officially recognized Non-Governmental Organizations at the UN.

"Somebody at the United Nations forgot to teach the members of this rouge committee their civics lessons about the democracy they claim to promote," said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio. "The American people will not have the outrageous and extreme political agenda of the gay lobby forced down our throats by international bureaucrats. Instead we will continue to fight for the family values that are our heritage.

"It is also disconcerting that this group would delve into our internal political affairs by practically quoting out of the gay lobby's play book and endorsing these Kennedy Bills," continued Delgaudio. "We believe that instead of wasting its time criticizing our beliefs and values, this committee may want to consider more worthy tasks, such as fighting forced child prostitution."

Delgaudio emphasized that Public Advocate would continue to fight against groups, domestic or international, that wish to impose their radical agendas on the American family.

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