Defending the family

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Delgaudio Statement on Mount Soledad Cross

Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio issued the following statement thanking Congress and President Bush for taking action to protect the Mount Soledad cross in San Diego, CA by transferring the cross to federal control.

"Pro-Family San Diegans, Californians and Americans owe Congress and the President a debt of gratitude for taking action to save this important memorial from the forces of political correctness. Nevertheless, this shows that the fight to protect our heritage and values is right now is more important than ever.

"These extremists are no longer content only going after the Pledge of Allegiance or courtroom sculptures, but now have decided to attack memorials to veterans! They continue to use radical activist judges to force their will and beliefs on the rest of us, all based on a perverse reading of the First Amendment that runs contrary to everything our founders believed in.

"We call on all Americans to thank officials that are willing stand up to this extremism and to demand that others who bow to the pressures of political correctness or are on the fence to stand up for our shared values and heritage. This legislation must serve as an example of a productive way of fighting extremism."