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Public Advocate Kicks-Off Family Rights Advertising Campaign

Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio announced today that the group was initiating an advertising campaign aimed at preventing the Canadian government's discrimination against pro-family citizens from migrating to America.

The advertisements will run nationally in various newspapers, starting with the national edition of the Washington Times, and will focus on telling the story of a Canadian minister and talk show host who are being legally persecuted for their politically incorrect beliefs on homosexuality. The ad then asks pro-family Americans to fight legislation such as the Kennedy Thought Control (or so-called "Hate Crimes") Bill in order to prevent similar actions against pro-family Americans.

"Canada's radical homosexual lobby has successfully limited Canadians' freedom of speech and religious liberty," said Delgaudio. "Now these extremists want to impose these same restrictions on Americans and passing legislation like the Kennedy Thought Control Bill is their first step."

The text of the ad is as follows:

"Canadians: DON'T READ THIS!

"Canada's radical homosexual lobby is taking legal action in Alberta to silence a pro-family radio host and a pastor for standing up for Canadian family values.

"Now America's radical homosexual lobby wants to import Canada's intolerance towards pro-family conservatives! Canadian legislation similar to the Kennedy Thought Control Bill (or so-called "Hate Crimes Bill") passed and is now being used to attack religious liberty and freedom of speech.

"Is America next?

"Pro-family Americans must act NOW! Call your Senators and Representatives at (202) 224-3121.

"Tell them violent crimes should be punished equally, regardless of the crime's political correctness. Tell them to punish actions not thoughts. Tell them to oppose the Kennedy Thought Control Bill (HR 2662 & S 1145)!"

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