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Public Advocate Announces Candidate Survey

Falls Church, VA -- Public Advocate of the U.S., pro-family organization based in northern Virginia announced today that they will be sending candidates for federal office survey's that will gauge their support for the American family.

Public Advocate will then release the results of the survey to its members and all American voters through our website later this fall before citizens head to the polls to vote for their Congressman or Senator.

The questions for the survey are as follows:

1) Will you reject any and all financial or other support from the
homosexual lobby?

2) If elected, will you refuse to hire homosexual activists in your

3) Will you vote in favor of Rep. Marilyn Musgrave's Traditional
Marriage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution clearly defining marriage to
be a union of one man and one women?

4) Will you vote against any and all so-called "hate crimes"
legislation which, in essence, mandate longer prison sentences for
people who have thoughts or opinions not approved by the government?

5) Will you vote against any and all so-called "non-discrimination"
legislation which require "sexual orientation" to be treated the same as
sex or race in all hirings and promotions, essentially having federal
officials dictate the personnel policies of private businesses and
violating the Constitution's guarantee of the freedom of association?

6) Will you vote to repeal Rep. Barney Frank's 1990 "Frank amendment"
prohibiting the government from denying entry to immigrants for having
"membership in subversive organizations or teaching or advocating
subversive views," which allowed the 9-11 hijackers to legally enter the
United States despite past ties to terrorist groups?

7) Will you vote in favor of any and all legislation exercising the
right of Congress under the Constitution to remove the issue of
so-called "gay" marriage from the jurisdiction of the federal courts and
activist judges?

8) Is homosexuality an immoral lifestyle choice?

9) Do you believe that you can respect homosexuals as people while
opposing the political agenda of the homosexual lobby?

10) Would you vote to impeach judges who legislate the homosexual
agenda from the bench?

11) Will you vote against the confirmation of any and all federal
judges or Justice Department personnel who have, or indicate they will,
use federal courts to set state marriage laws by striking down
voter-approved marriage protection amendments?

12) Will you vote against the confirmation of any and all federal
judges or Justice Department personnel who do, or indicate they do,
believe "sexual orientation" to be a belief or characteristic that
should be protected under discrimination law?

13) Would you have voted against, or did you vote against, all four
confirmations of four openly homosexual ambassadors by President Bush?

14) Will you vote against the confirmation of any further openly
homosexual officials by President Bush?