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Delgaudio to UVA Paper: Rescind Anti-Christian Policy Now!

Falls Church, VA-Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio announced today that the pro-family group was demanding that The Cavalier Daily, the student run newspaper at the University of Virginia rescind its anti-Christian policy regarding controversial cartoons. Should the paper fail to cease its anti-Christian bigotry, Public Advocate will be initiate a grassroots campaign aimed at cutting off the paper's funding.

The controversy arises after the paper published a series of vulgar, anti-Christian cartoons, which they continue to apologize for. However, only last year, the paper apologized for running a satirical cartoon that offended homosexuals.

The Cavalier Daily defends the inconsistency by referencing a policy that essentially allows the offending of Christians, but forbids offending homosexuals.

"While we understand that their hypocrisy complies with their policy, it clearly doesn't comply with common decency," Said Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio in a letter to the Cavalier Daily and the UVA Board of Visitors. "We are simply asking for consistency. If they can't give Christians that much, then we will make sure that their advertisers, and the community know that they are supporting a bigoted anti-Christian publication. The Cavalier Daily must either apologize to Christians or retract their previous apology to homosexuals."

Should the paper fail to act, Public Advocate's grassroots campaign will notify Daily Cavalier advertisers that the group will be calling for a boycott of any of the paper's sponsors that fail to immediately cancel their advertising.